Vajazzle Time! Vajazzling Vajayjays in the UK
Vajazzle Time!

What is vajazzle?

To vajazzle, is to apply SWAROVSKI crystals in a decorative vajazzle style on the body, much like a henna tattoo (but much easier to remove!). These decorations come in many shapes and sizes (such as heart shapes, star shapes etc) and can also be created by hand and applied individualy. Though many people opt for the designs, simply for ease of use.


Where did this all come from you ask? well to be honest, crystsal body tattoos have been around for an age, it’s the way in which they are used that differs. The term “vajazzle” was coined when the celebrity Jennifer Lover Hewit announced how she “Swarovski crystaled her precious lady”. It’s funny what a modern day relationship breakup can do to a person nowadays!


Well jenifer had her reasons, but yours dont have to be the same to get in on the act! Vajazzling would, by definition, be seen as quite a sexxy endeavour, though vajazzling doesn’t have to be reserved for the vajayjay, it can reach far beyond the bedroom. Vajazzling (or the art of) can be used to “bling” your electronics, or to give your belt a facelift. The possibilities are endless.

Is it for me?

To be hosnest, I think vajazzling is for anyone. It has taken another name in some circles, namely “penazzle” (i’ll leave you to figure out why). Like mentioned previiously, vajzzling can be used anywhere, such as your upper body, lower body, on accessories, electronics, in theatre productions, for night club promotions, decoration, you name it.

Obviously sticking crystals anywhere other than your vajayjay wouldn’t really be seen as “vajazzling” , but I cant see many people splitting hairs, especially considering the way it all came about!

Where can I get invloved?

If you want to get your hands on some vajazzle goodies, then head on over to the nice guys and gals over at vajazzle designs. You can choose from a vast selection of designs.

Also keep your eyes peeled on facebook and  clubbing sites (such as dont stay in) for vajazzle parties for extra sparkley fun! For more info, and to see actual vajazzle stuff, get over to vajazzle designs shop